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Malutin Sergei Vasilyevich (1859-1937)

At the end of 1870. Voronezh opened a traveling exhibition, visitors of which was a young man from a merchant family, recently graduated from accounting courses and served as a clerk. Here he met with a genuine painting, and deep impressions of gave a very specific meaning to his vague dreams: he decided to become an artist.

This young man was SV Malutin. In 1883, he entered the Moscow School of Painting. 1880s. were the heyday of Russian art-related, as in the previous decade, with activities TPHV. Malyutina classmates in the college was I. Levitan , S. and K. A Korovin , A. Ryabushkin , M. Nesterov , A. Arkhipov , and among his teachers - famous painters V. Makovsky and I. Pryanishnikov . His own training he was required first of all the talented draftsman ES Sorokin.

In 1886 Malutin graduated from college, receiving the rank of a free artist. His work in the early period (late 1880s - 1890s.) Was very diverse. Preferring lyrical genre scenes without the plot unfolded ("Girlfriends", 1889, "A Visit to a neighbor", 1892, and others), he wrote and landscapes reveal a connection with Polenov school and historical pictures ("Invasion of the Tartars", 1890 e).

In the mid-1890s. at the invitation of Mamontov it creates a backdrop for his opera Nizhny Novgorod, and then worked for the Moscow Private Opera. But the biggest achievement Malyutina in this period, particularly in the late 1890s. Relate to book illustration ("The Tale of Tsar Saltape", "Ruslan and Lyudmila" and other works of Alexander Pushkin). Despite some unevenness and sometimes inconsistency of searching, the artist in this area was an important step forward compared to the figure of the second half of XIX century.

In 1900 he settled in Malutin Talashkino - the estate of Princess Tenisheva, which was then the center of the revival of arts and crafts. The activities Tenisheva on collecting works of folk art and learning carvers, weavers, embroiderers and other masters in a specially arranged workshops acquired extensive. Sketches of art products performed V. Vasnetsov , K. Korovin , M. Vrubel , N. Roerich , but Talashkino flourishing fishery is primarily connected with the name of Malyutina under whose constant guidance of artisanal work was carried out.

In his project joinery and carving workshops do external and internal decoration Talashkino buildings, of which survived to the present day house-library ("Tower"). Not just trying to follow the examples of traditional folk art and not particularly caring about the utilitarian side Malutin conceptualized national heritage primarily at image level and became one of the founders of a kind of Russian version of Art Nouveau.

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