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Information for Artists

We offer professional artists to put their works for sale on the site To do this, you need to send us e-mail the following information:

- A description for each picture:

- Name
- Technique
- size
- the date of creation
- an adequate price! (The cost of the product, which you would like to get your hands in the event of implementation).
- genre, style - it's necessary to search for your pictures in style and genre
- tags (keywords) separated by commas - is necessary for advanced search of your picture (not necessarily )
- A short biography (year of birth, year of the end of art school who have studied, the major exhibitions)

- As well as:

- Images of paintings electronically in jpg format. The image must be cut to the size (without a background and frame). Size of the largest side of the photograph must be at least 700 pixels (if it does not reduce - send as is)
- telephone number (required)
- be sure to write the city in which you live!
- your photo (optional) If you have changed the price, or contact information, you should immediately notify the administration of the site!

- Here are the main reasons for which we are not likely to post your pictures ::

- Poor quality of the photo!
- Photo small (less than 650 pixels on the longest side)
- pictures of negative or immoral content
- we do not place copies of paintings by contemporary artists, without documentary permission from the original author
- paintings overpriced, inadequate cost.
- the artist less than three paintings to accommodate
- pictures painted in oil on hardboard, cardboard or chipboard
- We do not require you to display their artworks exclusive only to our website.
- a painting we do not redeem it.
- Antique paintings we do not.
- Paintings us without the need of baguette, we ourselves make out the picture in a baguette, based on the wishes of the customer.
- The management reserves the right without giving any reason: not to post your pictures, remove from the sale of your creation, and delete information.

Apply for a placement of paintings

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submit an application for placement of pictures and our manager will contact you.
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send a request
fill in all required fields!
Your application for placement of paintings accepted, our manager will contact you shortly.

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