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Artist: Anna Marinova.  Picture: Predzakatny hour
Artist: Dmitry Levitin.  Painting: August
Artist: Eugene Ivanov.  Picture: Clouds over Seliger
Artist: Andrew Kugaevsky.  Painting: Saint-Paul-de-Vence
Artist: Valery Shishkin.  Picture: Bananas in package

We welcome you on the first page of Professional Artists of St. Petersburg. Our site was created with the participation of the Union of Artists of Saint-Petersburg 15 years ago. During this time, a virtual tour of the gallery   St.Petersburg Artists   made ​​more than 1000000 people. Now we present an updated gallery with new and unique features. You can get acquainted with new works by artists of St. Petersburg selecting the right size, technology and value in the section selection of paintings . Necessary consultations under the express analysis of the works . Here you will find a list of Russian artists , including more than 500 of the most famous names in Russian art.

We have a feedback system - we will answer all your questions and find a convenient solution for you. If you are a resident or visitor of St. Petersburg you will find the work to please you in our gallery "Collection" at the metro "Dvor" Str. Deliberation, 4, section A-9. Purchased work will be delivered in one day in St. Petersburg for three days in Russia and 6-7 days in the near and far abroad. It uses a system of guaranteed delivery Garantpost, as well as UPS and DHL service for overseas customers. On request, we will provide full information about the authors , techniques, school. We are very interested in a dialogue with people interested in Russian fine art and so please send your questions and comments to our postal address:

We invite professional artists to participate in our gallery and add information about their work . One of our goals - to open attic artists wishing to get acquainted with contemporary art.

Artwork in the interior gives a mood, gives you the opportunity to touch the art, fills it with a special touch. In our catalog of paintings presents a large number of works of our artists in various genres and directions in sections painting , graphics , decorative arts , sculpture , interior works .

Pictures of different genres and styles are used for interior decoration and give a special atmosphere. Author's work of the artist, hand made, in contrast to the printed image, bears besides aesthetic beauty and a bit of magic, because creating a painting, the artist puts into its creation part of his soul. Because of this, each work is unique and works of the great masters occupy a worthy place in private collections and museums .

In addition, we provide services for vypolneniyurabot to order: a portrait to order , a copy of any of the pictures , including copies of paintings by the old masters .

Offered separately perform: interior design , including the interior design (design can be made ​​online-ie, by mail, on the basis of your shooting), sketch placement of works of art in the interior, painted on plaster and imitation painting Giclee (special flozelinovye wallpaper processed manually). The samples of interior works can be found in section interior works .

Buy now in our gallery is simple: choose your favorite picture from the catalog, add them to your cart and place an order. Our manager will contact you to help resolve all issues with payment and delivery of your paintings.

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