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Prianishnikov Hilary M. (1840-1894)

One of the most talented artists of the genre painters of the second half of XIX century., IM Prianishnikov reflected in his work the most important trends in the development of realistic painting, has become prominent figure generation Wanderers.

Prianishnikov attended MUZHV (1856 - 65) in C. K. Zaryanko , is focused on the students a thorough and rigorous study of nature, but pay less attention to the figurative synthesis of nature.
Much Prianishnikov opened for themselves on their own, paving the way for a new, realistic vision of art.

Even the first start of the 1860s. ("Boy-peddler," "Reading the letters to the convenience store") clearly manifested traits of his talent: observation, the ability to live and precise socio-psychological characteristics, rich color painting. A picture painted by him in the last year of training - "Jokers. Seating yard in Moscow" (1865), immediately brought him fame. This small canvas is an original solution for the typical genre of post-reform decades threads humiliation, callousness and cruelty in the world, where everything is bought and sold. Depicting playing pranks merchants moneybags who mockingly forced to dance to accordion poor elderly official artist with great certainty demonstrated a gallery of specimens of the moral ugliness and smug rudeness. The picture has caused some resentment "zealots" of the official academic art, who thought that the young painter was made by the destroyer "high" art destination in perfect shape to express eternal truths.

The next stage in the development of creativity Pryanishnikova associated with the paintings "Fire victims" (1871), "empty" (1872), which I exhibited at the traveling exhibition and were considered critical breakthroughs Russian painting. Works Pryanishnikova 1870. differed from the earlier more compositional integrity and a color saturation. The scenery in these pictures from the background into a conditional poetisized environment that enriches the imagery Distinguishing scenes gleaned by the author from people's lives.

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