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Alexander Alexeev

Serf-born Alexander Alexeyev, who had the unmistakable penchant for painting, lucky, because in his youth he went to school is not only a great painter, but also a great humanist of his time AG Venetsianov .

 Many eminent Russian artists had their art schools. School Venetsianov different from most, perhaps, by the fact that it taught talented young men from the peasants and serfs.

For many, the last great citizen A.G.Venetsianov sought freedom. So it was in the case of Alekseyev, whose talent is most clearly manifested in the unique picturesque genre. Of contemporary artists who rarely equaled him in the image of interiors, especially the interiors artists' studios. His "The Artist Alexei Gavrilovic Venetsianov "in St. Petersburg set up as though only for work, there is nothing superfluous, all the more pompous. Apparently, so the picture has been highly praised by the Academy, which contributed to the author for her one of her awards. A.A.Alekseev And he lived most of his later life, working as a drawing teacher in the provincial high schools, where we dare to hope for it, "sow good and beautiful "young Russians.


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