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Andrey Ivanov (1775-1848)

Talented representative of Russian classicism of the first decades of the XIX century is Andrey Ivanov, who since childhood, in the Academy of Fine Arts, soaked respect to the drawing, composition, themes, created by coloring pictures.

A graduate of the Academy (1782-1797), a pupil of GI Ugryumova , Andrey Ivanov talent embodied in his paintings of scenes of biblical and mythological subjects, Russian history.

In 1803, he received the title of academician of the painting "Adam and Eve with the kids under the tree." In 1812 he was awarded the title of professor of the Academy for his painting "Combat Mstislav Daring to kosozhskim Prince Rededi in 1022."

 Teaching talent AI Ivanov's almost more than the talent of the painter, for his students - two giants of Russian academic painting, Son of Alexander Ivanov and the next picture .

But, as usual, not only in Russia, the talent is not synonymous with prosperity. Ivanov picture "The Death of General Kulneva" (1827-1830) was the cause of monarchical anger. On the orders of Emperor Nicholas I, professor of painting AI Ivanov dismissed (1831) from the Academy of Fine Arts. However, the artist does not change yourself. He tirelessly works: paints, makes a lot of drawings, is involved in the design of temples and churches. AI Life Ivanov - a worthy service to the destination chosen in childhood and kind Fatherland.

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