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Sparrows Socrates Maksimovic (1817-1888)

Socrates Maksimovic Vorobyov was born to a well-known painter Nikiforovich Maxim Vorobiev , who has trained dozens of students, among whom were many great landscape painters ( IK Aivazovsky , A.P.Bogolyubov , L.F.Lagorio , G. and H. G.Chernetsovy etc.).

 Under the guidance of a parent Socrates Vorobiev successfully mastered the intricacies of skill of the painter in the home, and in the years 1833-1839. at the Academy of Fine Arts, consistently receiving for success in training put the coin: a large silver (1836), low (1837) and a majority (1838) gold medals.
 After graduation S.M.Vorobev sent to the pensioner's trip to Italy (1840-1849) where it is finally formed as an artist.
 During this trip, he has lived and worked in and around Rome. In 1843 he made ​​a trip to Naples. From 1844 went to Sicily. Stayed in Palermo, where he was during the reign of Nicholas I, who later patronized the artist.

 His Italian landscapes have a wide success, firmly entrenched after executed by order of Nicholas I, a series of watercolors of Italy. Italian motifs are in the works S.Vorobeva until the end of his life, but not a big success falls pictures of Saint Petersburg and its suburbs, the Russian Baltic. And although now known S.M.Vorobeva markedly inferior glory of his father, during his lifetime work S.M.Vorobeva enjoyed well-deserved recognition.

 In 1846, the artist becomes academic. From 1855 to 1872 taught at the Academy, where, after the death of his father headed the landscape painting class. His achievements are comparable with the teacher teaching the merits of his father. In 1858 S.M.Vorobev was awarded the title of professor, and in 1859 - Professor of the 2nd degree. Among his students - Yu.Klever , A.Meschersky , Shishkin , culvert , etc.

 Traditions of Russian landscape school S.M.Vorobevym passed into safe hands. Since 1856 the summer months spent at his estate in Thurmont Lithuania. In 1872, dismissed from the academic service and settled in Thurmont, where he spent the last years of his life.

 Socrates Vorobiev is one of the leading masters of landscape painting of the middle - the second half of the XIX century, a representative of the academic areas.
S.M.Vorobeva works are in many museum and private collections, including the State Russian Museum, State Tretyakov Gallery, and others.

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