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Maxim Vorobiev Nikiforovich (1787-1855)

M.N.Vorobev was the son of a soldier, rising to the rank of non-commissioned officer, and after the resignation hire a caretaker at the Academy of Fine Arts. Here and educated future artist: in 1798 he was enrolled in an architectural class, which was led by JB Thomas de Thomon, and finished in 1809, the Academy of Arts in the class of landscape painting.

Life Vorobiev has developed well: in 1814 he became an academician, the following year he began teaching in 1823 received the title of professor, and in 1843 - Distinguished Professor.

 He has trained dozens of students, among whom were many great landscape painters ( Ivan Aivazovsky , A P. Bogolyubov , LF Lagorio, GG and NG Chernetsova , etc.), with himself all life does not leave brush. Vorobyov said the city and sea views, architectural monuments and views of nature, and sometimes episodes of the war.

 He traveled extensively in Russia, has repeatedly been abroad and the impressions from trips to create new works. In the years 1813-14. artist visited with Russian troops in Western Europe, the result of the trip was his painting depicting a solemn Te Deum, perfect Russian clergy in Paris on the occasion of the victory. A little later performed a series of excellent views of Moscow, the Kremlin mainly wrote.

Fame brought Vorobiev pictures created after a trip to the Middle East (1820-21): "Entrance to the Temple of the Resurrection in Jerusalem" (1822), "Interior of the Church of Calvary in Jerusalem" (1824), "Interior of the Armenian Church in Jerusalem "(1820), etc. At the end of the 1820s. artist visited the theater of military operations on the Danube. According made during a trip sketches and sketches were written by the magnificent landscapes in color, "Bosporus", "Seashore near Varna" (both 1829). Paintings Vorobyov always enjoyed success with the public and critics, many of them he had to repeat customers.

 Yet the most valuable part of the legacy of the artist - St. Petersburg landscapes created mainly in the period of his creative heyday in the 1820s and 30s. Romantic image of St. Petersburg with its cool beauty appears in the landscapes of "Sunset in the vicinity of St. Petersburg" (1832), "Neva Embankment near the Academy of Fine Arts" (1835), "Moonlit Night in St. Petersburg" (1839), "The construction of St. Isaac's Cathedral," "Peter and Paul Fortress "(both 1830), and others

 Well-educated man, a connoisseur of art, an outstanding violinist, Vorobyev soon felt the need to abandon the outdated forms and rules. He realized that it was time to speak directly to the study of nature. The first studies that demonstrated originality Vorobiev, there were drawings and watercolors made in St. Nicholas, the Tver estate LN city. In May 1812 on the way to Moscow, the young artist stood at the city. Here Vorobyov was created many drawings, evidence not only of his great talent, but also a new attitude to the genre of landscape.

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