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Tyurin, Ivan (1824-1904)

We list only a small fraction of the more than eight hundred of portraits, painted by Ivan Turina (and exhibited at trade fairs in different academic years.
Portraits: 1867 - VI Myatlevo, TB Potemkina, KF Schulz, Vice Admiral Nordmann, His Serene Highness Prince Golitsyn, PI Myatlevo, 1868 - Prince Golitsyn, Prozorovskiy, city Nabilkina, General Barantsova, 1869 - General gr. Baranova, Ms. Baranova, city Sokolova 1879 - Adjutant General Kaufmann, A. Krajewski, Prince Abashidze-Gorlenko, Count NP Ignatiev, PS Vannovskogo, PV Zhukovsky, General Adelson, EI Zorin.

 Most of the portraits painted by the artist capture the face of government officials of high rank. Probably many of them are written without the participation of the soul or simply are artisan crafts masters.

But many - authentic samples of high portraiture. Thus, the title of Academician IA Tyurin got for "Portrait of a professor of the St. Petersburg Theological Academy, Archimandrite Gregory."

He was born in the village of Galyadkino the Nizhny Novgorod region. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in the studio of a famous teacher AT Markov . Their independent work began with landscapes and genre paintings. He devoted himself as portraits and religious painting. His religious art is also impressive. Icons and murals, IA Turin graced many of the provincial churches of that time, including, for example, the images for all of the Voronezh Cathedral. The total number of icons executed by the artist was close to two hundred. How many Russians reverently crossed themselves before images of the IA Tyurin - who will answer?

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