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Rotary Pietro Antonio (1707-1762)

Rotary Pietro, an Italian painter who was born in Verona, September 30, 1707. Up until 1734 he studied at the Art Studios of Venice, Rome and Naples, in particular in D.B.Pyatsetty in Venice, after which he returned to his hometown, where he arranged at his home private academy. Since 1750 he worked in Vienna at the court of Maria Theresa (met here with Jean-E.Liotarom, having experienced its significant influence), and then in Dresden. He painted pictures on the historical, religious and mythological subjects.

In 1756, at the invitation of Elizabeth arrived in St. Petersburg. Worked mainly portraiture and always had great success. Elizabeth, Peter III, Catherine II are equally favored him. Web "Alexander and Roxana" was executed for Catherine when he was her grand duchess to her palace in Oranienbaum.

In the period of rapid growth of Russian culture, Rotary had plenty of orders. Most often he posed for the fair sex - their graceful, idealized images of brush Italian became the main enrichment of noble mansions. On the contrary, men's portraits of the artist, often portraying people active in community and public activities, specifically detected personality model. Among his works - a portrait of Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli.

However, made ​​history in the first place tipazhnosti images of young girls He wrote quickly and has created hundreds of chamber music, almost the same size portraits, a lot of them were bought by Catherine II, and placed in the suburban palaces.    ("Cabinet Maud Graces" at the Grand Palace in Peterhof, Petrodvorets "Rotary rooms" in Chinese palace in Oranienbaum, Gatchina Palace and Lomonosov, "Rotary salon" in the Yusupov family estate in the Archangel). Through impersonal loveliness of these paintings expressive element shines Rococo art.

"Heads" and had a great pedagogical value, since their creation have been actively involved Russian journeyman Italian artist (Rotary organized a private art school in Russia). Among his students was AP Antropov ; undeniable influence Rotary experienced I.P.Argunov and F.S.Rokotov.
Rotary died in St. Petersburg on August 31 (September 11) in 1762.

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