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Roars Fyodor Stepanovich (1735-1808)


Roars Fyodor Stepanovich (1735? - 1808), painter, one of the best Russian portrait "of the Enlightenment."

Born in the village Vorontsovo (now - within the city) in a family of serfs. The number of "volnorozhdennym" and was probably illegal "master's" child (son of Prince PI Repnina?) Only attributed to a peasant family.

With the active assistance of Count Shuvalov, a famous philanthropist, patron of education and the arts in Russia, one of the founders of the Academy of Fine Arts, who noticed the talented young man, Rokotoff taken to the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, which he successfully completed.

All bright creative life of the artist in the future is linked with Moscow. It is here that Roars found the best use of their creative talent. Created Rokotov type of portrait - chamber intimate portrait - is a whole epoch in Russian portraiture. He possessed a rare gift that allows masterfully convey the inner world of man, his timidity and warmth. It would serve as a model of shimmering dusk, facial features slightly blurred, as if shrouded in mist. Master paintings inherent richness of shades tone, exquisite color combinations. Soft, muted tones create an atmosphere of intimacy: his portraits is nothing ostentatious, showy appearance. The artist draws the inner beauty of a person. According to one of his contemporaries, Roars with amazing skill was able to transfer not only the "kind of person," but also the "tenderness of heart."

At the beginning of his artistic career, despite his youth, he was very popular in the circles of Petersburg nobility. He is often invited to the court. In 1758, he wrote a portrait of Grand Duke Peter Fedorovich (future Peter III). And after 3 years in Peterhof artist posing 7-year-old Paul Petrovich, the future Emperor Paul I. The image is inscribed in the inner oval rectangular canvas. Portrait of a striking immediacy of his life: cranky, restless boy is alive, and not posing. And meanwhile portrait is not without features of formality and pomp: Red Guards uniform, the blue ribbon of the Order of St. Andrew, trimmed with ermine mantle.

Those wishing to order a portrait of a lot, so you have to wait your turn. Have a portrait painted Rokotov was prestigious.

In the summer of 1765 Roars elevated to the rank of the academician.

The work, written in the 60 years of the 18th century. Differ peculiar interpretation of the human person - they are increasingly seen veracity of portrait images.

Consider, for example, "Portrait Maikova" (1765g.). In it the artist becomes more specific. The famous poet and satirist looks from the portrait with a mocking expression of superiority. Mike's life was witty and resourceful man with him was nice to chat. Grass-green coat with red cuffs poet and gold embroidery, lace jabot written several carelessly. The focus of the artist focused on his face, was a bit sarcastic, a little puffy (swollen), narrowed eyes. All this speaks of a man who likes to live in his pleasure.

His genuine mastered Roars up in a number of portraits of women.

"Portrait of AP Struyskoy" (1772) - Roars showed elevation of the image of a young woman. Her figure in the portrait seems unusually light and airy. This product has a distinctive scenic originality. It is no coincidence that work is called "Russian Mona Lisa." Alexander Struyskaya lived a long life difficult. Mother of 18 children, she experienced many of them.

Poetic inspiration gentle person, look young and sad eyes, a certain mystique - all this attracts attention, makes you wonder about fate.

The following portrait of a woman "Unknown in a pink dress." He is considered one of the masterpieces of Rokotoff. The subtle gradations of pink - from saturated in the shadows, the warm, light, create flicker, flutter finest light and air, as if in tune with the inner movements of the soul, hidden indispensable in the portraits of the 18th century. gracious smile, transmission in depth look. This way you will fulfill the special lyrical charm.

"Portrait of Countess Santi" - amazing work of the 18th century. on the subtleties of image transfer, in colors, in a charming mix of olive and pink. Modest bouquet of wild flowers on the chest of the lady brings a special elegance.

Rokotovskie portraits - a history in the people. Thanks to them we are able to imagine a picture of a bygone era long ago.

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