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Mikhail Filipovich Ivanov (1869-1930)

The life and work of Michael Povich Ivanov largely typical of those Russian artists who were educated and became masters long before the events of October 1917 and worked successfully in the first decades of Soviet rule. Stipulate that the level of skill is not possible to characterize them as outstanding, famous and other similar epithets.

MF Ivanov was a student of IE Repin Academy of Arts (1891-1896), where he received for his success is low (1892) and Large (1894), silver medal. Only in 1900 for his film "The answer is waiting" was the title of the artist, though his work a little earlier (in 1897) began to exhibit at exhibitions of the Academy of Fine Arts, the Society of Russian Watercolour Association of Artists, the Wanderers.

His mood is most consistent with the image of domestic scenes, because they dominated in his work in the pre-revolutionary period, "Story" (1897), "Campfire" (1898), "Portrait" (1902), "Native picture" (1903) "Peasant Chud tribe" (1904), "Orphan" (1905), "On the field" (1906), "At the Crossroads" (1908), "On the apiary" (1910), "Spark burns" (1911), "Prayer in the field "(1912)," The large bell. Ipatiev Monastery "(1913)," On the arable land "(1916). Like many of his colleagues in the creative shop, the revolution corrects or abruptly changes themes portrayed. For many, including MF Ivanov, a change of subject matter occurs naturally - for them a new art began with the registration of revolutionary festivals. Next was "The days of the Revolution" (1917), "Rendezvous" (1918), "Blast Furnace" (1924), "Pioneer Camp" (1926), "Lenin's Funeral" (1927), "The Temple of Friendship" (1928), "Leo Tolstoy on horseback" (1922), "The Partisan" (1930). MF Ivanov took a new life, a new life, apparently in no hurry to be kind to the artist. The assumption is explained by the fact that information about the last months of the life of the painter are not available.

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