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Fazl Fomich (Trofymovych)

JF Khrutsky, a Pole by birth, place of birth Belarusian finally matured as an artist in the mainstream of Russian academic school. His talent was modest, but very characteristic for the master salon-academic areas, who worked on the market and is focused on the tastes of the general public.

In the history of Russian art Khrutsky entered his still lifes - spectacular tracks, where subjects are painted with illusionist accuracy. This line of work done in the 1830s. - The period of the formation and propagation of still life in Russia, have had great success with the public and created a wave of imitations.

On the early life of Fragile not know much. Secondary art education he received in high school Polotsk.
Khrutsky In 1827, arrives in St. Petersburg and in 1830 he entered the Academy of Arts. Here, directly or indirectly, he learns the lessons of such masters as A.G.Varnek , M.N.Vorobev , to P.Bryullov , FABruni.

By 1832 are the first dated sketches of the artist - "Still Life with Vase" and "Still Life with a bird." These adjoins other group of similar works ("The fruit and bird", 1833, "Fruit", 1834, "Grapes and Fruit", "Still life with apples, grapes and a lemon", both b. G), which differ quite simple compositions .

Refers to the main direction of creativity Hrutskogo this period - working on a still life, referred to in official documents as "painting flowers and fruit." From the early down-staging, consisting of only a few items Khrutsky surprisingly quickly comes to a rather large size, still life paintings with a complex composition that combines a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and flowers ("Flowers and Fruit", 1836, 1839, "Still Life with candle "," Flowers and Fruit "," fruits, fruit, broken game ", all 1830, and others).

These works were admired by audiences and professional critics. The success of the work contributed to the fact that the artist repeated some of them with minor changes, adding a "new" items: a candlestick with a burning candle or smoldering cigar, matches in a paper wrapper, scrap expense account with lying on it a trifle. This adds to the atmosphere of the composition of the human presence.

The Academic Council noted Hrutskogo still life: in 1836 he was awarded a large silver coin. Also in 1836 he was awarded the title of a free artist "in consideration of good information in landscape painting." Apprentice M.N.Vorobeva, Khrutsky leaves landscape painting throughout the following work ("View of Elagin Island in St. Petersburg", 1839, "View of the estate", 1847, etc.).

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