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Alimpiy (? - 1114 )

Alimpiy - Kiev mozaichist, painter and jeweler end of the XI century, a disciple of the Greek masters. According to contemporaries, "good izvyk hytrosti (skill) of the church, the icons to write a cunning Be exceedingly."
Biography Alimpiya in the "Lay of the first Russian iconographer Alimpiy" ("The Crypt Patericon") consists mostly of stories about the miracles performed by them, or occurred with his icons. According to these legends, many of the works Alimpiya were created with the assistance of divine providence: so, when, just before his death, because of physical weakness, Alimpiy could not fulfill the order, an angel appeared to him and "in 3 hours napisa icon." Alimpiy also took help from above for granted, "Good stvoril Thou. Bog pomozhet tobe exceedingly hytro napisati this very icon, and her sdelal th is. " From this text, "it becomes clear why the skill icon painter was in ancient times in Russia is highly respected, and the ratio of the icons - so reverent.

Significant works Alimpiya not sohranilis.Izvestno that being a monk of the Kiev-Pechersk monastery, Alimpiy participated in the painting of the Assumption of his church, which was destroyed by the Nazis in 1941

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