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Zauerveyd Alexander Ivanovich (1783-1844)

Life, and thus creativity, Alexander Ivanovich Sauerweid were filled with interesting events. So, in 1831, by then well-known painter, draftsman and printmaker, received at the Academy of Fine Arts unusual offer - to lead the class as a professor of painting animals for battle, and other kinds of painting. Note that this proposal had its own background, because back in 1812 then a young artist, who lived in Dresden, performed a series of images of horses with oil by order of Napoleon.

A graduate of the Academy of Arts (1790-1798), A. Zauerveyd linked his future life with fine art. Got a basic vocational education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden (1806-1812).

The tendency to battle painting quite successfully was launched for the young painter in Paris (1812-1812) and London (1814-1817), when the painting "The Taking of Paris," "The Battle of Waterloo," "Alexander I and Count Platov at the parade in Hyde Park in 1815. "

In the future, numerous drawings, etchings and paintings of the artist only increased his fame and recognition. AI Zauerveyd acquainted with the art of engraving of Emperor Nicholas I and Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich. In 1827, for services to the domestic arts was elected honorary member of the Academy of Fine Arts. As a professor of the Academy has trained many students - the future of famous domestic Infantrymen.

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