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Zabolotski Peter E. (1803-1866)

"Portrait of the poet Mikhail Lermontov," named a very official, written by Peter E. Zobolotskim (young cornet took lessons from the artist drawing and painting). Of course, PE Zabolotski not as famous as O. Kiprenskiy or B. Tropinin who wrote AS Pushkin. But the future genius - Lermontov - made ​​in 1837, but the first step (even if it was and wide) in the literature, which has just ended tragically life AS Pushkin. And since the image M. Lermontov done little offensively, each of them, and a portrait of P. Zabolotsky primarily for Russian art is an exceptional value.

 The ideological artist teachers were Kiprenskiy O., A. Venetsianov especially V.Tropinin close P. Zabolotskikh and the manner of performance.

The way to comprehend the skill of the painter was very difficult. He was very lucky that in his life met AR Tomilov, well-known philanthropist, art collector and art theorist. It was he who contributed to a large extent what a wimp son began attending the Academy of Fine Arts and graduated from it. Among his teachers were the famous AG Varnek and AE Egorov . Portraits, genre scenes (particularly life of the peasants), landscapes, PE Zabolotski run with the craftsmanship that is of interest lovers and collectors of art. Therefore, the artist's works are represented in many museums in Russia. The title of academician assigned to the artist in 1857, confirms the high degree of talent and services to the Russian art.

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