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Trutnev Ivan Petrovich (1827-1912)

Trutnev (Ivan) - painter, genre painter, was born in 1827, from 1848 - 1851 he studied at the Stroganov School of Drawing, in Moscow, and after the Imperial Academy of Arts. When she was awarded her pupil from her small silver and gold medals, a gold set for distinguished themselves in the expression in 1855 (for "Rustic, blessing his son-Militant"), and a large gold in 1857 (for "Godfather progress in the Country ").

 Having acquired the title of artist 1st degree, went on a trip abroad, through the Crimea, visited Vienna and Dresden, spent a year in Paris, worked in Antwerp, Brussels and Dusseldorf, moved from there to Italy, where he spent two years living mainly in Rome and drawing sketches of Gdańsk national life, but without seeing the benefits for themselves in the further presence of a foreign land, with the permission of the academy, he returned to St. Petersburg. before the expiration of his pensionerstva.

Soon afterwards assumed the position of Director of Vilna Drawing School, opened in 1866, was the first of its organizer and runs it today. In 1889, for his painting, "The Lithuanian Border Tavern," received the title of Academician. Of the paintings of this artist, except for the above, it is possible to point out the "Blind kobzar" (located at the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow) and "Vilna Martyrs Anthony and John." He wrote also a few portraits and icons for many Orthodox churches in Vilnius and other places of North-Western Russia.

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