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Tihobrazov Nikolai Ivanovich (1818-1874)

Tihobrazov (Nikolai Ivanovich, 1818 - 1874) - a historical painter and portraitist.

On the 17th year of his life began to attend classes at the Imperial Academy of Arts as a student volnoprihodyaschego to obtain a scholarship from the Society of Arts incentive. At the academy, where his main mentor was K. Brullov , he gave brilliant promise and received for his success, two silver medals and a gold minor. He graduated from the academic course in 1845 with a gold medal, awarded the tender for the execution of the program, "Christ drives out the merchants from the temple."

 Going on a trip abroad in 1847 settled - it was in Rome, but in 1849 he was called back to Russia on the occasion of the political disturbances that took place while in Italy.

In the 1852 painting, "Albanezka for sewing" gave him the title of Academician.

Since then he has lived almost entirely in St. Petersburg, engaging performance picturesque orders and teaching drawing.

Its main work - three of the iconostasis for churches of Kiev and Novgorod Cadet Corps and the St. Petersburg battalion of military cantonments, wall and ceiling panels in his dacha His Imperial Majesty, near Peterhof, the same kind of panels in the newly furnished rooms of the Old Hermitage, 17 decorative paintings for the front stairs in the palace of the Grand Duke Nicholas (which is now Ksenievsky Institute), the image of the Orthodox Cathedral in Siedlce and a portrait of Prince Peter of Oldenburg IG (in the Law School).

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