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Shamshin Peter M. (1811-1895)

Shamshin (Peter M., 1811 - 1895) - a historical painter, son of academician painter, taught art classes at the Imperial Academy of Arts, ten years old, was defined in its pupils and it was among the pupils of Professor P. Basin .

He graduated from the course of the academy in 1833 with the rank of artist XIV class and with a small gold medal received for the painting, "Hector lozhnitse Helena accuses Paris of inaction." In 1836, for the painting "Massacre of the children of Niobe," he was awarded a large gold medal. Going in the same year in Italy, he stayed there for seven years and on his return to St. Petersburg made an art teacher in the classroom Academy.

In 1844, for the painting, "Hagar in the Wilderness" and "Peter the Great in a storm at Lahti," received the title of Academician in 1853, with a large image: "The Resurrection of Christ" (found in the chapel of the Academy), increased from that title to the power of the professor, in 1859, due to changes in the charter academy, renamed from teachers to associate professors in 1863 was promoted to professors 1st degree, in 1883 he was appointed rector of painting and sculpture, and finally, just before his death, in enacting a new charter academy, dismissed.

A skilled draftsman routine academic direction, cold in his compositions, and not a very good colorist, Shamshin dealt almost exclusively ecclesiastical painting. His image and wall paintings are found in many churches in St. Petersburg, namely, St. Isaac's Cathedral, the church of Saint Myron Life Jaeger Regiment, the Annunciation of the Life Guards Regiment, the Greek embassy, ​​Pavlovsk Institute, University College of Engineering, Post Office ("The Vision of St. Constantine "), as well as in the Moscow Cathedral of the Savior (paintings on the walls of the chapel of St. Nicholas and the big picture" Candlemas ") in Gatchina town council, at Zion Cathedral in Tbilisi, in the church Ivangorodskaya in Narva, Ujazdowski Hospital in Warsaw, Russian Embassy in Athens and some others. In the Imperial Hermitage them painted hall etrurskih vases. Shamshina of the few paintings of scenes from Russian history, only two were at a public exhibition: The above image is an episode from the life of Peter the Great (in 1844) and "Calling on Michael's kingdom" (in 1876).

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