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Svetoslavsky Sergei Ivanovich (1857-1931)

Arrived from Kiev to Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture Sergey Svetoslavsky so successfully passed a training course (1874-1882) at the AK Savrasova , VG Perov , VD Polenova that his first independent work from the window of the Moscow School of Painting (1878), was pleased not only their teachers, but also a great connoisseur and collector of Russian art PM Tretyakov, who acquired the painting for your collection.

The picture was both essential for S. Svetoslavsky - it ushered in a cycle of paintings, written as if from the window of a building in Moscow and Kiev, "Yard" (1884), "The Inn of Moscow" (1892). The artist does not want to show the front views of big cities - on the contrary, its courtyards deliberately ordinary, often carry a sense of compassion for the human disorder, urban life.

SI Svetoslavsky went for long trip to Ukraine, the Caucasus, visited Central Asia, creating a picture of the results of trips carrying the originality of the then outskirts of the Russian Empire. Unfortunately, the eye disease has imposed since the early 1920s, the taboo on the work of the artist. With regard to one of the submitted pictures must make two observations: first, again, after the effort IS Glazunov, the opportunity to write a piece of Moscow from the window now the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, and, secondly, there is a loss: the church Frola and Lavra, the head of which is depicted on the canvas in the past.

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