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Savrasov Alexey Kondratievich (1830-1897)

Alexei Savrasov - the artist, the eminent landscape painter, founder of the symbolist "mood landscape" in Russian painting.

Born in Moscow on May 12, 1830 in the family of a merchant. Teenager wrote landscape pictures for sale. In 1844 he entered the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. In 1848, classes began Savrasova landscape painting under the guidance of a talented teacher and a wonderful person paternal care about their students - KI Rabus. His lessons are not only were thought-provoking, but also professionally prepared young artists to further research.

In the paintings and drawings of the fifties we find attempts to overcome the academic traditions and the independent decision of artistic design. Among the paintings of this period, one of the earliest are two full-scale sketch - "Stone in the forest near the" spill "and" View near Moscow with the estate and the two female figures "(both 1850). More mature and expertly executed was the picture of "View of the Kremlin from the Crimean Bridge in inclement weather" (1851). This landscape artist brought the first recognition and made him famous.

The first success encouraged the young artist, which allowed him in 1855 to create a complex in composition and artistic task landscape "view in the village near Moscow Kuntsevo" and in 1858 "View near Moscow at sunset." And in that, and in another painting Savrasov trying to convey above all the complex world of the life of nature, and not only opens the eyes look. In suburban landscapes of the fifties to the full was a characteristic feature of all creativity Savrasova in general - is the tendency to perceive the sublime nature. It is this romantic trait is present in such works as "Old Pine" (1854), "Pine (of Gusareva)" (1850s), "The Old Oak at the cliff above the River" (1857). They performed with exceptional graphic skills, though different in techniques, traced here and the gradual complication of artistic problems.

In general, the early work of Savrasova ("View of the Kremlin from the Crimean Bridge in inclement weather", 1851, "View near Oranienbaum", 1854) remains entirely within the framework of Romanticism, with its love of the strong effects of atmospheric life, sharp "rocker" contrasts foreground and background. Gradually, the artist comes to a more peaceful, harmonious, clear in composition and coloring solutions, for example ("Landscape with river and fisherman", 1859). Priority in its images gets wet soil-written with her keen understanding of texture and light and air, organically combining spatial plans ("Elk Island in Sokolniki", 1869, "Moonlight. Swamp", 1870). Originally inherent Savrasov "vinetochnaya" manner of drawing, just extract the main, the most memorable features of full-scale motif develops into a high skill poetic generalizations characters.

In the development of creativity Savrasova this period played an important role not only work on the landscape near Moscow. Significant help in the development of the artist had a trip to the Ukraine. The result of this trip was the work of "Step in the afternoon," "Dawn of the steppe", "View of Kiev", dated 1852 year. In these works, the artist sought to convey their feelings and impressions of the steppes and to show the nature and characteristics of the Ukrainian nature.

In 1857, became the head of Savrasov landscape class at the Moscow School. Since that time the twenty-five year period of his fruitful teaching. Among his students were K. Korovin and I. Levitan . It's amazing just said about his teacher Isaac Levitan: "Savrasov tried to find in the most simple and ordinary ones intimate, deeply touching, often sad features that are so strongly felt in our native landscape and so irresistibly act on the soul. With Savrasova lyrics appeared in painting landscapes and boundless love for his native land. "

Written at this time, "Landscape with the river and fisherman" (1859) demonstrates his achievements. Daytime and poetic organically merge together here as it does in real life. Bright clarity and simplicity of the created image, tranquility and beauty of nature images nebrosskaya define the basic concept of the work.

Some well-known works of the sixties is not difficult to grasp the signs of his work took place in the changes to the disclosure of the plot, and the new comes in a choice of motifs and in the way they play. The best examples are the three landscapes, Savrasov written in 1861 - "View of Moscow from Mazilova," "Landscape with a Mill" and "Evening Landscape". Fascinated by the complexity and beauty of the transmitted torque, Savrasov uses a new painting techniques available to him. He manages to harmoniously merge the specificity and generalization, the real momentary beauty of nature and its transition state.

A big role in the development of the creative genius of the artist played a trip to England in 1862. There he was able to meet with European art and, in particular, with the best landscape painting in England, little known in Russia. Having by then ten years of experience of independent work, the artist has already been internally prepared to accept the experience of foreign art. "No one in the world Academy could not develop as an artist look like a real show in London" - Savrasov wrote in one letter.

From everything I saw Savrasov in England, the most significant was the introduction to the English landscape art. The artist first notes the depth of thought, observation and strict local nature of color and pattern.

Obviously, the familiarity with the English landscape could result in a direct imitation in the works Savrasova seventies, but, by his own admission artist, he was able to benefit from the experiences of the trip. After England artist to Switzerland to explore the mountain scenery. But if England introduced him to the art world, Switzerland had provided him with wonderful views and the artist has opened the way for her emotional perception and their own creativity.

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