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Reimers, Ivan Ivanovich (1818 - 1868)

Gifted and energetic Ivan Reimers was the son of a furniture craftsmen from Hamburg who had settled in St. Petersburg and received Russian citizenship. Who had a great ability to fine business, young Ivan Reimers enrolled in 1834 at the Academy of Fine Arts for the study and development of medal art and sculpture. In selected species it achieves quick success, receiving over the years of training a small silver medal for carving in stone, small and large silver medal for sculpting in wax and clay.

In 1839, J. Reimers is a small gold medal for sculpted in wax group "Samson tearing the lion's mouth." Constrained financial situation does not allow him to participate in the proposed tender for a gold medal, so in 1840 he finished studies at the Academy with the rank of class artist to produce concomitant rank sword.

In the years II Reimers lot of runs. Among other, he and DI Jensen founded in St. Petersburg factory for the manufacture of products made of terracotta. For a number of works in 1846 was recognized as "designated" in academics medal art.

 In the 1850s, while abroad, Reimers started painting. Advances Ivan to try a new form of art was evident. In 1855, for the painting "View of the outskirts of Munich," "Lottery Ticket won", "folksy cometh in the Munich brewery," he received from the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, the title of Academician in 1865 - became a professor of painting at the picture painted in Italy "Grape Harvest".

From 1863 to the end of life II Reimers has held a professorship at the Academy of Arts medal. Paintings the artist had success at exhibitions in Russia and abroad, and purchased by famous collector of painting, among whom were members of the imperial household. On the centenary of the Imperial Academy of Arts II Reimers produced which received high praise medal.

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