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Crustaceans Nicholas E. (1825 - 1895)

Born in Nizhny Novgorod province Nicholas E. Rachkov began his career in art has become a well-known by the time Arzamas art school, founded in 1805, a patriot and an academician of painting AV Stupin. He continued his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, where in 1844 he received a silver medal. The next year, given the rank of N. crustacean class artist portraiture.

Featuring very high observation, Nicholas E. found his calling in two genres of art - portraits and household composition. His many lovely head, especially for children, and unpretentious scenes with charming characters were very popular among a wide range of art lovers. In 1878, NE Copepods showed at the exhibition of the academic work "Bogadelenka," which has become so popular that it was taken in the same year at the Paris World Exhibition. The artworks have gained such a solid collectors of paintings, as PM Tretyakov, KT Soldatenkov.

Today in Russian Museum in St. Petersburg are working NE Rachkova, "eve" (1868), Sketch "Old Woman" (1872), "Portrait of Natalia Demyanovna Razumova (Razumihi)." In the Tretyakov Gallery - "At the gate" (1871), "Portrait of the Artist Dominique Ernestovich Hagen" (1876), "The Cook." Well, life NE Rachkova in art is worthy.

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