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Lyubov Popova (1889-1924)

During his short life, LS Popova was all the way Russian avant-garde - from Cezannism through Cubism and Futurism to Suprematism, Constructivism and then, from easel painting and the industrial arts, has worked in book design (cover for the magazine "Lef" 1921 books for PA Aksenov "Eiffel. Thirty-one", 1922), and a poster in the theater ("The Magnanimous Cuckold" F. Krommelinka actor at the Theatre, 1922, and "Earth on end" SM Tretyakov in theaters . Meyerhold, 1923) and in textile design (sketches of fabrics, embroidery, clothes) - and all her experiences were marked by a special organics.

Participant in all major exhibitions of avant-garde ("Streetcar", "Oh, 10", "shop", "5x5 = 25"), a professor and activist vkhutemasa INKhuK, she died suddenly of scarlet fever (before losing a husband, and a few days before his death - his son), died at takeoff talent.

Its also the first steps in painting Popov made ​​while studying in private studios C. Y. Zhukovsky and K. Juon (1907-08), in the studio, "The Tower" (with V. Tatlin , KM Zdaneviches, AA Vesnin, 1912) and the Paris Academy "La Palette" in A. Glez and Metsenzhe J. (1913).

Perceived in Paris, Cubism was superimposed on a love of Russian icon and the Italian Renaissance, the classical measure of the affected and the following non-objective works Popova - and then, when it became a member of the "Supremus" (1915) and has translated his own version of a "common faith" in "Picturesque architectonics "(1916-18), and then, when passed to the" beautiful designs "(1920) and" space-power constructions "(1921), and if at all left for the production of fabric painting. Her works alien pathetic cosmism - rather, at different stages of creativity she was looking for structural and harmonic law unit of life, all over the place trying to spread harmony found.

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