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Nesterov, Mikhail Vasilyevich (1862-1942)

Biography of Mikhail Nesterov is known for his memoirs. Eighty years, the artist has lived for many generations embodied a living relationship eras.

He studied at the Moscow School of Painting at the VA Perov , A. Savrasov and I. Pryanishnikova (1877-81, 1884-86), in the St. Petersburg Academy of P. Chistyakov (1881-84), was a TPHV (as an exhibitor - from 1889, as a member - from 1896 to 1901) and was one of the founding members of the SRS (1903). Late the same stage of his work has been on the 1930s.

At the time of the rule of aesthetics peredvizhnicheskoy Nesterov looking for himself in the genre ("Victim buddies", "Expert", both 1884) and historical ("The election of Mikhail Fedorovich to the kingdom," "Until the sovereign petitioners", both 1886). But by the end of the XIX century, the artist goes to religious subjects: it attracts the ascetic rigor of monasticism, the beauty of Orthodox worship, life in harmony with nature.

Paintings in this series ("The Hermit," 1888 "Fine arts", 1889-90, "Podblagovest", 1895, and others) painted contemplative admiration; stylistically they reveal the influence of Art Nouveau - a Panoramic composition in a little color tapestries, replacing the action unfolded state. At the same time engaged in church murals Nesterov (altarpiece "Christmas" in the Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev, 1893-94; Mosaic Church of the Resurrection (Savior on Spilled Blood) in St. Petersburg, 1894-96; church of Alexander Nevsky in Abastuman, the Caucasus, 1899 -1904; murals Martha and Mary Convent in Moscow, 1907-11). And even his portraits are often associated with the same pravoslavnotserkovnym circle ("Philosophers", "Archbishop", both 1917).

With the Muscovites from CPX Nesterov twin the lyricism of interest to the landscape (Landscape active medium is present in nearly all of his works), poetry attitude. One of the most poetic of his work - a portrait of his daughter (1906), embodies the characteristic of the early XX century. sadness for the moral ideal and fullness of being. In the traditional form of a Russian girl from the intelligentsia - the direct successor of girl students 1870s. - Present a retrospective tone, but the dream of human wholeness expressed herein realistic-specific.

This portrait will become a concrete pillar Nesterov creativity in his later period: after a long silence, associated with the change of ages, tastes and criteria in 1930. He will focus entirely on the image of man. In the choice of models is seen artist's interest in the creative person, imaged in a burst of creative inspiration. His preferred dynamic composition allows us to show the characters in action: the sculptor Vera Mukhina absorbed modeling (1940), S. Yudin surgeon makes an operation (1933), or giving a lecture to students (1935), artists brothers PJ and A. Korin work in his studio (1930). Characters Nesterov - active nature, asserting themselves in their work and their time. Active solutions and portraits, the artist emphasizes the important thing in the environment, cares about the expressive postures and gestures: the energy of clasped hands Pavlov (1935) immediately introduces the viewer to the intellectual atmosphere model, and hand surgeon S. Yudin in the portrait of 1935 . characterized by its almost deeper than extraordinary person.

By 1928, includes two self-portraits Nesterov. And if the "Self-Portrait in Black" in spite of the picturesque thoroughness solution resembles impressionistic acute study, the "Self-portrait in a white blouse" represents a complete concept of artistic life. Portrait illustrates the idea - and therefore the only attribute of the artist is tuesok with tassels, and a figure on a neutral background is as a monumental symbol of uncompromising creative ministry.

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