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Mesherin Nikolai Vasilyevich (1864-1916)

Today, a wide range of unknown art lovers Nikolai Mesherin was popular in his time at the famous collectors and respected among professionals (eg, Igor Grabar ). The artist did not get a formal vocational education, although private lessons, including in II Levitan , completely replaced his school and the academy.

Start artistic painter was significantly influenced by the fashion of Impressionism. Even by their names. One of his last works, apparently, as a tribute to them. Compare the "Sunrise. Impression" by Claude Monet and "Sunrise. Etude" (1916) NV Meshcherina.

Impressionism gave way to the artist on pointillism - Pioneers method of French artists Seurat and Signac.

However, the impact of these artistic movements transformed into works of NV Meshcherina, his attitude and manner of performance characteristics attributed to his work, and a large share of lyricism, and that inner warmth that "warms" the viewer, causing a backlash from his benevolence. Thus he (the viewer) are often not at all important, to whom and to what extent imitated artist (it would be a talented).

Attracted to the paintings, NV Meshcherina and national theme of his paintings - most of them are dear to us not striking beauty of nature in Central.

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