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Peter Ivanovich Korovin (1857-1919)

Peter Ivanovich Korovin was born to a wealthy Moscow merchant. Father did not object to his son the art of drag, so after the commercial school Peter Korovin continued his youthful artistic experiments at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, where his mentors were B. Perov and I. Prianishnikov that influenced the choice of the mainstream student creativity - genre.

 Interestingly, after the end of the school P. Korovin father completely rejected his material aid, believing, apparently, that his son was a "major" master of himself to make a living. Therefore, during the formative years of the artist, coinciding with the establishment of the family, was a time of hard work and some hardships. However, it is known that the family of PI Korovin different known in Moscow hospitality, parents tried to give the kids a decent education - one of the sons of Korovin was a young coach Anton Chekhov.

 Brushes PI Korovin belong to "Before the feast," "On the market", "For the tea table," "I'll sit at the table, but think about it", "Night", "cook", "Christening", "Morning in the children." In 1899, PI Korovin left Moscow and moved to Penza, where he became a lecturer in the newly opened School of Art (1898).

For the period of the Penza Art painter typical household composition, combining the collective portraits and landscape. These are his "quarrel", "Forest Landscape with a Hunter," "Fishermen", "Nicholas retired soldiers." In a small number of portraits, executed by PI Korovin, clearly felt his skills. In a sense, the artist had no luck: many of his works were bought during his lifetime, and to this day is not there yet, not allowing you to create a complete picture of the painter.

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