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Jordan Fedor Ivanovich

FI Jordan was the son of the court, "the master of wallpaper." He received his education at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1819-24), in the engraving class at NI Utkin, from the beginning of reproduction specializing in engraving on metal and reaching into her excellence.

A significant part of his life spent abroad Jordan, where he left as a pensioner of Arts in 1829 - in Paris, London and, finally, in 1835 in Rome, where he spent a total of about twenty years.

His main work was the creation of large engravings of the painting of Raphael "Transfiguration", with amazing precision and subtlety reproduce this masterpiece painting. Above it, the engraver selflessly worked for almost fifteen years, sometimes without ever leaving the studio for hours on end, only one preparatory drawing taken away from him for about two years. This work has brought fame and Jordan was highly appreciated at the Academy after his return home in 1850

In the same year he became a professor, then long headed the engraving class, and since 1871 even became the rector of the Academy of Fine Arts - it was the first and only time that this post was taken by artist and engraver. He has worked in good faith, has created a great many engravings of paintings (most known for the "Holy Family", 1838, a painting by Raphael, "Torturing the Savior," 1861 - 67, with a picture of AE Egorov) and a number of engraved portraits of Russian culture - Derzhavin, NM Yazikova (1849), Nikolai Gogol (1857), Mikhail Lermontov (1859), VG Belinsky (1859), P. A Pletnev (1870) Rovinsky D. (1879), etc.

In addition to prints, he left a very informative "Notes rector and professor at the Academy of Fine Arts of Jordan Fedor" (Wiley, 1918), in which the most interesting pages about his stay in Italy, and communicate with NV Gogol, K. Briullov , O. A Kiprensky , AA Ivanov and others

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