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Germashev Michael Markianovich (1867-1930)

Who had a hit with the venerable public Markianovich Michael Germashev (Bubelo) graduated from the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. The fame of the artist brings his landscapes at the end of XIX century. His painting "The snow was" received the first prize of the Moscow Society of Arts in 1897, has acquired PM Tretyakov. Among other well-known landscape paintings, which can be seen in museums around the country, should be called: "Grey Day" (1894), "unfrozen River" (1898), "Rainy Day" (1902), "The Spring" (1912).

Works by MM Germasheva, featuring a high-performance skill, attracted by its beauty, and therefore in great demand among fans of solid landscape painting.

The artist worked hard and was active in numerous at that time Moscow and St. Petersburg the exhibitions of the academic and the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions. Its winter and spring landscapes of Central Russia met a warm welcome viewers and critical acclaim.

The great skill MM Germasheva contributed to and in exile (in 1920 he settled in Paris), the artist did not get lost. Moreover, it may not be aware of it, to leave the country promoted the beauty, because it written in the 1920s in France, Russian landscapes of nature were extremely popular among the French and tourists from around the world that are willing to buy paintings M. M. Germasheva. And in our time, the artist continues to delight and fascinate those admirers of fine art, which get a chance encounter with them.

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