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Egornov Sergei Semenovich (1860-1920)

Unlike his older brother - A. Egornova who painted mostly landscapes, Sergey Semenovich was Egornov and portraitist and painter, who wrote the classic and way of life, and landscapes he managed to the full.

He was educated at St. Egornov the Drawing School of the Society for Encouragement of Arts in St. Petersburg (1879-1881) and at the Academy of Fine Arts (1881-1891). In addition to small and large silver medals academics S. Egornov received in 1890 for his film "The Apostle Peter heals a paralytic," a small gold medal. In 1891, the program "Queen Alexandra asks St. George to take her to Christianity" brought him the title of class artist of the first degree.

At exhibitions in St. Petersburg, in which S. Egornov began to participate in 1890, exhibited his work: "Portrait of Mrs. N" (1890), "Portrait of Prince Alexander Dolgoruky" (1896), "Friends" (1899), " Portrait of the Life surgeon EV Pavlov "(1890)," The Fountain of Bakhchisarai I, "" Portrait of SI Perovskogo "(both - 1902)," The Fair in the Country "(1903)," Last minute book. Dominica Chernigov , "" slave sale "(both - 1904)," Winter, "" Portrait of JA Polonskaya "," Finland. Black River "(1907)," Saved you? " (1908), "View of stone Aivazovsky in Alupka," "Dance of the feast in ancient Rome" (both - 1911), "Spring" (1914), "On the Moscow River" (1919). Personal exhibition of his works was held in 1904 in St. Petersburg.

Died SS Egornov in the years of the great Russian turmoil in Gelendzhik, that the Black Sea, leaving behind dozens of paintings, some of which can be found in museums and art galleries in the country.

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