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Bubnov, Alexander Pavlovich (1908-1964)

By and large, Alexander P. Bubnov was self-taught. He prozanimalsya some time in 1919 in the Art School Atkarsk Saratov province. However, the school quickly shut down, the young Alexander Bubnov had studied drawing and painting under the guidance of a school teacher.

Only in 1926, after the nine-year boy is coming to Moscow and entered the Higher Art and Technical Institute (so discordant Vhutein).

In 1930, the Bubnov finishes college and serving for two years on Kuznetskstroi where a junior architect. In these times, it is clear, not to a great painting. Only after his return to Moscow in 1932 AP Bubnov refers to the main cause of his later life.

Further interesting to listen to the artist: "... tried to write, I became convinced that there is little that I can do. From that time began to run very much.'s First work -" Killed in action "- exhibited at the exhibition" 15 years of the Red Army ", the second -" White in city ​​"- the exhibition of young artists in 1934. In 1936, I painted a picture Oktyabrina that was exhibited at the" industrialization of socialism. "In all these paintings, I could not and did not enjoy nature, and all of them are written without a model in the picture ... "Apple", though not fully, but quite a lot of writing on nature. During World War II worked on the poster, made drawings for magazines and leaflets, etc. Schedule I generally like and often work in this area. K exhibition in 1947 I finished a great historical picture - "Morning on the Kulikovo field", for which I was awarded the State Prize. "Well, will, talent and work much can grind. A. Bubnov, thanks to these qualities, grew up in a large Soviet artist.

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