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Byalynitsky-Birulya Witold Kaetanovich (1872 - 1957)

This remarkable man was born February 29, 1872 in the manor Krynki (near the village of Tehtin) Modern Ecological Tourism in the family of a tenant. Because of the conflicting nature of the father, they often had to change their place of residence. But precisely because of this circumstance, the young Witold able to see the world and the nature of Belarus and Russia. Much later, while in captivity childhood memories and impressions, he would tirelessly to paint landscapes of his native land, displaying them in an inconspicuous scenic beauty of the Belarusian forests, copses, orchards and fields.

Of those years, he recalled: "I - Belarusian. He was born on the estate Krynki about Byalynichy in Mogilev. There I spent my childhood. Father was a tenant, and later - the Dnipro shipping company. Going to fly along the Dnieper, Pripyat, Lcl, he often took me with him to visit. It was for me the greatest happiness and joy, for it was then, in those trips, I discovered with nothing comparable to the nature of my native Belarus. "

For a while the artist was living in Kiev, the younger brother of Alexander and studied at the Military School. There he made ​​friends with local artists who, having assessed the possibility of youth, introduced him to M. Goosebumps - the head of the well-known at the time the art school. Leaving the Cadet Corps, Witold goes to school, where he received initial lessons in painting, and then studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Friendly relationship with teachers, assimilation of their rich professional experience had a major effect on his artistic taste and manners.

At the same time V.Byalynitsky-Birulya meets I.Levitanom . Frequent meetings, discussions, work in the studio of the great painter's been a good school for the budding artist. Under the influence of the talent of his teachers, he begins to realize that his favorite genre - landscape, only takes artistry, touches the mind and soul of man, when a color and shade of colors conveys the truth of life. Later, the researchers of the artist noted that in a landscape painter always invisibly present man, his spirit.

Since 1897 V.Byalynitsky-Birulya begins to show his paintings to exhibitions of Moscow Union of art lovers and artists of the Moscow Society for International Exhibitions and competitions, where his works are more and more frequent and are noticeable.

Since 1899 the artist's name appears in the catalogs of traveling exhibitions. Its landscape is "eternal snow", was exhibited at the Jubilee Exhibition in the Caucasus in 1901, there is a gold medal. In 1904 V.Byalynitskogo Birulya-elected member of the Society of Traveling Exhibitions (Wanderers), and four years later he was awarded the title of academician of painting.

Greater success came to the artist in 1911, when his painting "The Hour of Silence" received an honorary medal in Munich and a bronze - in Barcelona. This recognition has become one of the greatest achievements of the wizard.

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