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Batyukov Polievktovich Isaac (1865 - 1934)

For most of his life, Isaac Polievktovich Batyukov spent in the village Yarosslavskoy Yaroslavl province. In it, and died. It and the surrounding area has created most of his work, although I have, and in Europe, where he studied and worked.

Main artist received the same education (1889-1894) at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, where, for the painting "At the visiting girlfriend" was in 1894, a large silver medal from the Academy of Fine Arts.

After graduating from college I. Batyukov went to Paris, where he took lessons from Cormon's studio. A young artist completed education at St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1898-1901) at the VE Makovsky . The graduate school of the main Russian for the painting "Receiving recruits" was awarded the title of the artist.

The artistic heritage of IP Batyukova significantly. He has worked in a variety of genres. Wrote a lot of portraits and self-portraits (including portraits of his father and mother), many of the artists devoted to the life and life around him in a village of people ("Farewell", "at work", "Sunday", "Mother and Son", "Test Voice, "" Handy case "). Living and working in the village, a painter could not capture the beautiful places Yaroslavschiny, wrote, and still lifes. IP Works Batyukova eagerly bought lovers of fine art. Now they are well represented in museums in Yaroslavl, Ivanovo, other meetings of the country and abroad.

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