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Tyutryumov Nicanor L. (1821-1877)

Tyutryumov (Nicanor L., 1821 - 1877) - a portrait painter, was brought up in a former noble regiment, and being released from his artillery, in 1840, moved in 1846 to St. Petersburg, where he was assigned to a noble shelf the duties of the officer and company commander of artillery drawing teacher, and then the painting.

In the designated year he enrolled as a student of the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts, where his main mentor was Professor P. Bassin . However, in its direction had the effect is not so much the artist as SK Zaryanko , who was then also a noble regiment.

In 1850 Tyutryumov for portrait, painted them with himself, received from the Academy silver medal, and a month later after a picture of "Greek woman", and a large silver medal. Since that time, not a single year passed without it was not an academic exhibition with several of his works, which soon made him a reputation as an excellent portraitist, able to grasp the similarity of faces and perfectly depict accessories, especially the fur and gold.

In 1853, with the portraits of his uncle, General, your own and P. Basin, he was elevated to the rank of the academician. Not having a solid technical background, Tyutryumov wrote very slowly, and for the execution of the portrait needed a huge number of treatments than bother to pose himself and dares to customers; effort as possible to write hastily pulled him into a routine, more and more relaxed position to it public. The loss of a good portrait practice forced him to turn to the writing of images and iconography as much to the image of women's heads and figures of naked beauties. Two very mediocre paintings of this kind, "Rest Bacchante" and "Nymph before bathing," Academy, in 1864, graciously elevated him to their honorary member. Meanwhile Tyutryumova service lasted from 1851 to 1866, when he was retired. In recent years, his life, from 1868, he served in the Directorate of the Imperial Theatres Assistant Head of Decorative and dressing part.

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