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Lentulov Aristarchus Vasilyevich

In the mock-game self-portrait (1913) AV Lentulov portrayed himself farce hero, in keeping with his main character and life roles. As one of the initiators of the "Jack of Diamonds" (1910), he presented it's "naive" and "national" flank. And at the same time been the most consistent cubofuturists.

Lentulov different "leftism" during a time of apprenticeship in the studio of D. Kardovsky (he studied at the Penza and Kiev School of Art, 1898 - 1905) - even then, he exhibited works by avant-garde exhibitions "Stefanos" (1907) and "Crown" (1908). Later, in "bubnovovaletsky" period, "left", took on the outlines of the system: in Paris (1911), working in the studio of A. Le Fauconnier, artist met with theorists Cubism A. Gleizes and Jean Metsenzhe, and declared them a method to easily superimposed on his natural predilection for open, almost broadside colors for large format canvases and in general to the picturesque "noise."

His paintings of these years are composed of dynamically colliding, loudly colored planes - space tends to the plane, and the plane is decorated with ornaments and adorned with stickers applicative, the city of Moscow in the landscape ("Basil" 1913 "Ring", 1915, "In the Iberian" "Moscow", both 1916) looks miraculously-flowering "architectural marvel."

Since the beginning of 1920. Lentulov goes from huge mural paintings, the works of smaller-scale and full-scale more. After becoming chairman of the Society of Moscow Artists (united in 1928, most of the "jacks"), it goes to the tonal painting, slightly speeding up of the former retains shades of color; creates landscapes, portraits, still life, filled with a sense of fullness of life ("Sunset on the Volga", 1928; "The sun above the roofs. Rising", 1928, "Vegetables", 1933, etc.). His creative activity is realized mainly in the theater, generally corresponded with bravura-optimistic temperament of the artist.

Especially productive was his collaboration with the director AY Tairov, FF Komisarjevsky and Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko. The most well known of his theatrical works design of the performance "Spanish priest" (1934, a play by F. Beaumont and John Fletcher) on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater 2nd. Engaged Lentulov and teaching - he taught at the Higher Art School (since 1920), in the Moscow State Art Institute (1937-43).

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