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Kandaurov Anton Ivanovich (1863-1930)

Anton Ivanovich Kandaurov (1863, p. Pokrovskoe Kherson Province. - 1930) - Russian painter and illustrator.

 From 1881 to 1884. studied at the Odessa School, from 1884 to 1885. at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, a volunteer, where he received a large silver medal for painting from nature.
 In 1885 he joined a volunteer at the Academy of Fine Arts. In 1887 he was awarded a medal for his work on "batalicheskih class", and in 1888 - for his film "The artillery on the march during the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878."
 From 1894 he studied with AI Kuindzhi , since 1895, he studied at the tile department at PP Chistyakov .
 received the rank of class artist third degree for the painting "The Calling (Western Cossacks cause the enemy to fight)," and "Fire", in 1896 - the title of the artist's painting "After the funeral feast at the grave of a Scythian chieftain (the Feast of the Dead)" .
 to the years 1895-1895. pensioner's got the right trip from the Academy of Fine Arts.

 Anton Kandaurov lived in St. Petersburg, Tiflis and Yaroslavl. In the 1901-1907 years. he led an organized with his participation in Tiflis art school and taught in it. The artist has exhibited his works at exhibitions of the Academy of Fine Arts, the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions, World of Art (also in Berlin in 1896).
 artist-performer of the Bolshoi Theatre (1887-1889) and the Maly Theater (1920-1926). Illustrated the works of A. Pushkin, IA Krylova, M. Lermontov, LN Tolstoy.
 Around 1910 carried out a number of historical and allegorical paintings for the church-mausoleum in Pleven.

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