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Davydov Ivan G. (1826-1856)

Ivan G. Davydov was the initial path of the young Russian artistic talent. After training at KI Rabus at the Moscow School of Painting and Sculpture (1843-1848), he becomes volnoprihodyaschim student of the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg (since 1850). Under the guidance of Professor M. Vorobyov quickly realized his talent in high skill: in 1851 Davydov is a large silver medal in 1852 for his film "The view from the surrounding area of Narva" - a small gold medal, in 1853 - a gold medal for the landscape, "View of Valaam Island" as well as the title of the class artist of the first degree and the right to a pensioner's trip overseas.

 Life IG Davydov was cut short early: after a visit to Geneva in 1854, he stopped in Rome, where Russia is sending a few paintings. At home, the artist does not come back. His last works were shown at academic exhibitions: 1855 - A view of the surroundings of Trienta, 1857 - View of Lake Nemi near Rome, and two species in the town of Albano, near Rome. Just a few pictures of IG Davydova stores in major museums around the country - in the Russian Museum and the Tretyakov Gallery. In the painting "Landscape with a mill 'can be found in the Art Museum of Yaroslavl. Submitted reproductions of IG Davydova only to a small extent give an idea of ​​the great talent of the artist and regrettable about his short-lived life path.

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