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Atryganev Nikolai (1823-1892)

The wide fame came to Nikolai Alexeyevich Atryganevu when he was at a very advanced age. While the future landscape painter started painting at a student level, since childhood, in his youth, he chose a different path to self-realization - graduated from the Institute of Communications (1845). After a short period of military service in the Caucasus in the Cossack regiment N. Atryganev out in 1848 for health reasons in his resignation and decided to devote further life painting. He took lessons from famous artists , NE Sverchkova and EE Meyer. However, illness forced N. Atryganeva stop intensive painting classes - he went to his estate in the province of Chernigov.

 Only in 1872, NA Atryganev returned to St. Petersburg and resumes his studies in painting under the guidance of a professor of the Academy of Fine Arts , AI Meshcherskij . After nearly a decade of hard work comes to him success - he became a permanent member of the academic exhibitions.

His landscapes (Winter Landscape, 1882 View in Mogilev province, 1883 River View Oster, 1884, Evening, 1886 Fall, 1886 Oak Grove in Sestrorezk, 1889, After the Rain, 1888 The split oak, 1889) eagerly bought by collectors . Written with love for nature and the inner bearing lyricism, canvases, NA Atryganeva added another page in the wonderful book of Russian landscape painting of the XIX century.

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