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Contemporary art divers Petersburg and bears the features that allow the mirror to see how all that was best in Russian art school. Here you can find paintings heirs " Russian Impressionism ", " bubnovalettsev " followers refined aesthetics "World of Art ." And even in the left art, creative nonconformists felt strong training and the ability to work with color. The reason the quality of art education and the number of higher and secondary art schools in our city. Leningrad was once a center of training for cultural and ideological front . And the work was excellent . Since then, much has changed, but the quality of training in the arts remains. Hardly of world capitals have an artistic center that can offer a greater choice in the directions and styles. In the Union of Artists of St.-Petersburg over 4000 professional artists united in sections : painting, drawing, sculpture, decorative arts , the art of theater and cinema. Most of them participates in our gallery. We hold exhibitions , helping customers pick up work for the interior and provide order fulfillment such complex techniques like fresco , stained glass , decorative plaster . In our gallery artists who have received the recognition it deserves , both in a professional environment , and for collectors and art lovers. Of many of them are represented in the Russian Museum, the History Museum , the Directorate of exhibitions in Moscow, the Russian Federation and other meetings.

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