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Tyranov Alexei Vasilievich (1808-1859)

Prominent Russian portrait painter.
A. B. Tyranov - one of the most gifted pupils A. B. Venetsianov , portraitist and genre painter. Coming to an independent road, he could not resist fashion and variety of life temptations and became one of those Venetsianov called "lost people."

Tyranov was born to a poor middle class. In adolescence painted icons. In 1824, his work and happened to see Venetsianov for "extraordinary ability" took to her school student. In the spirit of Venetsianov written "Self-Portrait" (1825), "Two Peasant of Krosno (Weaver)" (1826) and the only one in the works Tyranova landscape "view Tosna River near the village of St. Nicholas" (1827), all imbued with sunshine, peace and tranquility . Venetsianov Tyranova made for permission to attend the Academy of Arts as a student volnoprihodyaschego, rubbed it under the patronage of OPH, took out a ticket with the right to visit the Hermitage and work there.

For the interiors, "Perspective view of the Hermitage Library" (1826) and "Interior of the Great Church of the Winter Palace" (1829), decided in accordance with the Venetsianov method, that is, all the rules of direct perspective and taking into account the light at certain times of the day, got the first Tyranov small, and then a gold medal.

His fame is growing. In 1832 AH assigns him the title of class artist. In the 1830-40s. Tyranov - the most popular portrait artist in St. Petersburg, vying with only C. Briullov . According to a contemporary, exhibitions, "about his paintings was such a coincidence of the public, it was not possible to pass by." Among his models - II Lazhechnikov writer, journalist, PA Pletnev, artist I. By Aivazovsky .

In 1836 Tyranov is apprenticed to K. Brullov and enjoys his manner. He tends to gloss and virtuoso vypisannosti details, losing more sincerity and spontaneity of live experience ("Portrait of A. Dubelt", 1839, "Portrait of an Unknown Woman in a purple shawl", "Portrait of EP Kovrigina", both 1830 - x). In 1839-43, the Tyranov as a pensioner of the Academy of Arts has worked in Italy.

Madly in love with one of his nudes, he brought her to St. Petersburg. Apparently, this passion and ruined the artist. A year later, they plundered and abandoned lover, the artist was hospitalized. Recover from the blow of fate, he was not able to. His later works - "The Italian" (c. 1851), "The struggle for the soul (Angel, trampling the evil spirit). Allegory" (1850) - and deliberately lifeless academic. In 1859, seriously ill with tuberculosis, Tyranov goes to his brother in Kashin, to die there.

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