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Teterin Victor Kuzmich (1922-1991)

Teterin Victor Kuzmich was born October 25, 1922 in the village of Bakharevs Tebleshskogo district of Tver region into a peasant family. In 1930, along with his parents moved to Leningrad. Passion for the future artist painting leads first to the art room of the Palace of Pioneers, where he works in the years 1936-1938 the teachers Gurevich, Eberling, Kordobovskogo, and then in a private studio A. Eberling.

In 1940 V.Teterin arrives at the Art School of the Russian Academy of Arts, is engaged in M.Natarevicha, O.Bogaevskoy, P.Naumova. In February 1942, along with the SHSH evacuated from the siege of Leningrad in Samarkand. In September 1943, came to Moscow and entered the first year of the scenic department of the Institute Surikov.

In May 1944 V.Teterin transferred to the first year of the picturesque offices IZHSA named Ilya Repin in Leningrad, is engaged in the workshop A.Osmerkina. In 1949, he graduated from the institute (with the departure of A.Osmerkina workshop took M.Avilov) graduation painting "Stalin Solvychegodsk link."

In 1949, on the recommendation of V.Teterin M.Avilova, V.Oreshnikova Pavlovsk and adopted as a candidate for membership of the Leningrad CCX, and in 1953 he was transferred from the candidates to the LCRAU.
Since 1949, he participated in exhibitions of Leningrad artists. From 1949 to 1956 taught at the department of painting LVHPU name Mukhina. At the same time a lot of creative works, Leningrad paints landscapes, still lifes, genre scenes. Later, in the years 1960-1980 and made ​​multiple trips to the Crimea creative and old cities.

In painting V.Teterina noticeable impact A.Osmerkina circle of artists and "Jack of Diamonds", the fascination with Henri Matisse. Artist attracted color, rhythm and transmission of light and air, these tasks are subject to fairly conventional composition and drawing, which have V.Teterina serves as a line okonturivayushaya form.

V.Teterina decorative arts and associative. Still life and especially the composition of the artist painted with a brush rather than written, they are light, airy, colorful, in which "nothing happens", everything seems to have happened and it makes you want to recall, to remember something like that, you have experienced before.

In 1967, 1988 and 1999 in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) held a joint exhibition of works V.Teterina and E.Antipovoy. In 1972 V.Teterin participated in an exhibition of works by Leningrad artists of eleven, in 1988, in an exhibition of works of 26 artists from Leningrad and Moscow.

V.Teterin died in 1991. His works are in the State Russian Museum, numerous art museums and private collections in Russia and abroad. They were repeatedly reproduced in print, including in the monographs and exhibition catalogs and auction of Russian art in France, England, Japan, Germany and other countries.

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