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Andrei Rublev (about 1370 - 1430)

The great Russian icon painter in the XV.; Trinity Monastery monk, was a member of the inner circle of St. Sergius of Radonezh and Nikon. There is a hypothesis that the father was a painter Andrei Ivan Kalita and seeds Proud Ivan. Fundamentals of the future artist crafts his father knew in the monastery icon studio.

For information about Rublev very scarce. Various aspects of the artist's life depicted in the miniatures of manuscripts XVI - XVII centuries (Litsevoy, "The Life of St. Sergius'), on which the artist depicts the venerable old man in robes, with a full beard. In the "Life of St. Sergius of Radonezh" said about him: "iconographer Andrei preizryadny and all are superior in wisdom zelne ...". His contemporaries called him as "a man of virtue svrshennym." Virtue, wisdom, and morality's looking at us through the eyes of the faces of the saints he wrote. The main distinguishing quality of his work - their deep humanity.

Rublev's name first mentioned in chronicles in 1405, when he, along with " Feofanom Ikonnikov Grechina "and" Prokhorov old man with Gorodtsa "," nachasha podpisyvati "Annunciation Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin. Prokhorov is likely a teacher Rublev and Theophanes the first to join it to the monumental style. And brought together other artists - she was "artel".

Independent creative Rublev began in the 90s in the XIV. with pillars painted altar of the Cathedral of the Assumption on the town in Zvenigorod, where he was invited, along with other Troicki Ikonnikov Prince Yuri Dmitrievich. At the south pole at the top of the preserved depiction of Laurus in a circle, under which were written by the triumphant cross and Barlaam and prince Ilasaf in growth, on the northern a fragment of her half-figures of Flora in a circle, and under it - the triumphant cross and angel figures and Pachomius. Classically clear form, symmetrical composition, bright palette of local images medallions evidence in favor of an authorship Rublev.

 Found in the Cathedral of Zvenigorod icons deesis, two of which "Christ" and "Archangel Michael", undoubtedly painted by Rublev (Tretyakov Gallery, see "Zvenigorodsky Chin"), has demonstrated outstanding artistic skills. Face of "Savior" strikes noble traits and depth of glowing eyes in thought. If the assumption is true that Rublev, among other Russian Ikonnikov visited Byzantium, the sources are clear that high, art and culture, which is evident in his works.

Together with Daniel Black, friendship which went through his whole life, working on Rublev-thumbnail illustrations of the Gospel and the Morozov Hitrovo gospel of the Assumption Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin. In a nutshell, depicting an angel - a symbol of the gospel of Matthew the Evangelist Hitrovo silhouette of the figure summarizes, color combinations harmonize mildly, it is easy to slip on the golden sky in a light haze of air, figure, fold garments, movement, expression gentle little face penetrated deep spirituality. Rublev - the master of the symbolic image. In the stamps temple icons: the Archangel Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin - "The Archangel Michael with the acts (1399), he was able to project a contemporary event (saving Moscow from the invasion Temir Aksak) on the biblical story of beating the Archangel Michael of the Assyrian army.

Among the icons of the Annunciation Cathedral in the Moscow Kremlin recognized the handwriting Rublev in the statuesque figure of the Mother of God, possessing all the attributes of a true monumentality of form and image. Paintings laws are, in all forms of conciseness, impresses with its coloristic richness of color chord powerful combination gives the cloak of deep blue tones, the blue bonnet and gentle, glowing from the inside all the same unearthly light, ocher face. This way attached great sorrow, virgin purity and profound spirituality. Our Lady is always the bearer of the highest in Rublev's spiritual love, foundation and beginning of the universe began.

Icons of the festive rank were written mostly minor masters, few visible hand Rublev, such as the top of the "Ascension": "Transfiguration." Last - the most beautiful in the whole rank, is inspired by the mood lyrically enlightened perception of a miracle. Poetry of the image - one of the most important distinguishing features of art Rublev.

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