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Olga V. Rozanov (1886-1918)

Olga V. Rozanov (1886-1918), Russian painter, representative of Russian avant-garde. She was born in the town of Melenki (Vladimir Province), June 21 (July 3) in 1886 in a family of county clerk. In 1896 he was living in Vladimir. Arriving in Moscow in 1907-1910 attended the Stroganov School of Industrial Art, and private-school workshop KFYuon . In 1911 he was engaged in school E.N.Zvantsevoy in St. Petersburg. She participated in exhibitions and publications of the "Union of Youth" and "Jack of Diamonds". Was part of an organized Malevich short-lived society "Supremus" (1917). There was a close friend of A.E.Kruchenyh. She lived in St. Petersburg, Petrograd, and (since 1915) in Moscow in the summer of riding straight to Vladimir.

Already earlier, fovistskim her things (Red House, 1910, Russian Museum) inherent bright and decorative color contrasts. Finally, her talent emerged in the design of futuristic books VV Khlebnikov and twisted (Vintage love. Wham Lessin, Vzorval, both - 1913, and others), where she was able to (in the words of the latter) to combine the "horrors of Cubism" with "women's craftiness . " The masterpiece of her book art needlework became Catholic war with poems Twisted (1916) - figurative colored appliques give birth to amazing effect joyous collapse or some sort of apocalyptic event. The irony and drama in her paintings are often intertwined (cycle Playing Cards, 1916, created for publication as a modern popular prints). Kubofuturistskie and Suprematist experiments brought to the poetics of "zaum" mysterious grotesque (Metronome, 1915, Tretyakov Gallery, Dream Team, 1910, the Art Museum, Samara), and sometimes - in the abstract, which reduce the color and shape to some primeval minimum (green bar, 1910, the Museum-Reserve, Rostov).

After the October Revolution of Rozanov worked in the department of fine arts (for the College of Fine Arts) Commissariat, seeking to establish operations in Abramtzevo crafts, Sergiev Posad and other centers.

Rozanov suddenly died of diphtheria in Moscow on November 8, 1918.

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