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Orlov Pimen Nikititch (1812-1865)

Among the local artists middle of the XIX century, there were many artists who are not deprived of any talent or ability to work, or a tendency to respectable life. And their paintings, bearing undoubted skill, beauty, attractiveness, caused his contemporaries approval and love. But after a while, the memory of the artists noticeably weakened, the popularity of their paintings markedly decreased. Apparently, the painters in his work did not go fuzzy line separating a lot of talent from the talent, skill with a spark of the divine skill without it.

Among these artists applies Nikititch Orlov Pimen, a pupil of KP Bryullov at the Academy of Fine Arts (1834-1837), where he enrolled after poor childhood and adolescence, when he left his parents' home, earning money for the writing life images and portraits of landowners Voronezh.

 Most of his life after the Academy Orlov Pimen spent in Italy, where he, with the assistance of the Company to promote artists went in 1841. There is quickly gaining notoriety for his many paintings, executed in the Italian domestic version of classicism with its exaggerated beauty in the image of the characters and setting. Paintings were in great demand both at home, so the artist meticulously treated to ensure that they are delivered in time for St. Petersburg.

Find their place in art galleries and private collections in popular portraits PN Orlov. Since 1857, the artist - the academician. With his paintings can be found in major museums around the country, and this is true testament to the memory of the PN Orlov and his name is alive - among the prominent representatives of the remarkable Russian paintings of the XIX century.

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