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Millioti Vasily (1875-1943)

Vasily Millioti - was born in Moscow on 5 (17) in February 1875. Art education has not received. Studied painting under the guidance of his brother Nicholas .
 In 1890 he studied at the Moscow State University of Law and History and Philology. Went into the same creative circle that and brother, participated in the exhibition "Blue Rose" (1907), as well as exhibitions of the "Union of Russian Artists" and "World of Art."
 He designed its graphics magazine "Balance" and "Golden Fleece" ( 1906-1909). He played in the last magazine and as an art critic.
 debuted in 1906 as a designer - the play of Vsevolod Meyerhold Ibsen's play Hedda Gabler (with N.N.Sapunovym; Komissarzhevskaya Theatre in St. Petersburg).

 The style of Basil Millioti (in comparison with the manner of his elder brother) even more fabulously surreal on topics petite-Patterned on the letter, ornaments reminiscent of the "peacock" (Telem, 1904-1905, the Tretyakov Gallery, Morning, 1905, Russian Museum).

 Unexpectedly walked away from the art, having left in 1909 in Moscow, worked in the northern provinces of criminal investigators. During the Revolution he returned to his hometown and once again took up painting and graphics. However, after several years of activism (including the Commission for the purchase of paintings in the museum fund in Moscow) led a solitary life, and (since 1927) did not take part in exhibitions.

 Created a series of drawings for the feast during the plague of Alexander Pushkin (1927). Still wrote romantic-flowered, small in format, almost miniature "fairy tale" (Song, 1932; Stone balcony, 1935, both work - private collection, Moscow), as well as paintings based on literature (Cervantes, Gogol , Charles Dickens), and classical music. These works, which he had shown only to a narrow circle of friends, are equally adjacent to the "quiet" and "unofficial" art.

 V.Milioti died in Moscow on March 5, 1943.

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