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Lebedev, Vladimir Vasilyevich

VV Lebedev turned pro early - since 1911, he published the pictures in the magazines, while continuing to complete their education in various private studios in St. Petersburg. The primary school for him has always been his own creative practice, fueled by an insatiable desire for perfection, and he studied for nearly a lifetime.

Even as a professor at the Petrograd GSHM (1918-21), he learned the principles of hard Cubist painting by implementing their search in the graphic series "washerwomen" (1920-25), as well as in political posters "Window GROWTH" (1920-21)

Bold simplification and flattening shape, sharp matching the few bright colors gave it a kind of monumental compositions. As a direct continuation of the series of posters has been made satirical drawings "Panel Revolution" (1922), which brought the artist fame.

The most powerful and fruitful quest Lebedev have affected his book graphics. Picturesque experiments helped him from drawings to the "elephant" Rudyard Kipling (1921), open a new era in illustrating children's books. Found was developed in books Marshak, permanent collaborator Lebedev - "Yesterday and Today", "Ice Cream", "The Silly Baby Mouse," "The Circus" (all 1925), "Baggage" (1926), "How Planer made the plane "(1927), etc.

Lebedev was headed in the years 1924-33. Art Editor Department of Child and Young People's Literature Publishing House of the State, turning it into the center of the creation of highly books for children. He drew the publisher artists of his generation - B. Konashevych M. , N. Tyrsa , NF Lapshina, V. Yermolaeva , educated young - A. Pakhomov , Y. Vasnetsov , EI Charushina, V. I. Kurdova , E. A. Budogoskogo etc.

The intense publishing activity does not interfere with his work. In the mid-1920s. he presented a sharp satirical series "NEP", "New Life," "Love of thugs." Everyday work with nature resulted in a series of brilliant drawings "acrobat", "ballerina", "guitarist" and in numerous sketches of nude nudes, executed with consummate skill.

At the end of 1920. He returned to painting, making a series of polueksperimentalnyh "Still Life with Guitar" and a small series of still lifes "Fruit in a basket." Later, after a series of ironic, "with a bunch of girls" (1933), he wrote a number of excellent portraits of women - T. Shishmareva (1934), SD Lebedeva (1936), St. George K. (1937), in which the moving from the cold rationalist my previous works to sense the beginning, originally revived many of the techniques impressionist painting.

Similar changes were outlined in the early 1930s. and in his book graphics, which gradually started to get features improvisational ease and immediacy. Book "Winter - Summer - Parrot" Bergolts, "Mister Twister," "Mustache and Stripes" and "Fairy tales, songs, riddles," Marshak designated him a new stage in the artist.

But already in 1931, several of his works was severely criticized in the semi-official press, and five years later he, along with V. M. KONASHEVICH , became the object of coarse attacks in the article "About the artist-pachkunah" ("The Truth", 1936, March 1).
article, which served as a signal for the persecution of Leningrad artists of children's books, was part of a broader ideological campaign against a number of artists of Leningrad . These events produced a devastating effect on the bewildered artist.

During the war, Lebedev lived in Moscow, where he worked in the poster workshop "Okon TASS", illustrated books. Book designer, he continued to practice his return to Leningrad (1950).
 many of his post-war books received high praise - "How come the table?" (1946) and "Colorful Book" (1947) Marshak, "The Three Bears" Leo Tolstoy (1948), etc. They really showed his prowess, but they all grew naturalistic and mush. The same thing happened with the new versions of his old pictures, and even painting. Mitigating the ideological environment in 1950 - the 60-ies., Which allowed artists to cheer up a little, do not bring Lebedev, and the last years of his life were prolonged agony of the creative masters of this once brilliant and strong man.

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