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Lapchenko Ignatievich Gregory


Lapchenko Gregory was the son of Ukrainian Cossacks. His precocious talent for drawing was assessed by Count NS Vorontsov, who helped obtain G. Lapchenko formal artistic education. In 1822, a young man entered the Academy of Arts, where he led a remarkable teacher AI Ivanova graduated with a gold medal class of historical painting.
pensioner in his Italian trip a lot of work, communicating with Russian and Italian artists, in particular, was very familiar with AA Ivanov .

The story of AA Ivanov.

Vittoria Lapchenko ...
How to Get Gorgeous Italian this simple Ukrainian name? Who, where and when he wrote a portrait of her? This is what I want to tell.

It was the 1830. Alexander Ivanov and Gregory Lapchenko, two young Russian artist, went to Italy. Behind left home, the Academy of Fine Arts, powerfully shape their tastes, who taught strive to perfect.

Even when a full-scale class where oil lamps flickered and pulled out of the open window Petersburg cold, and the skin became sitter "goose", the artists have not seen it russkoro, perfectly folded guy - sitter was for them an antique statue, sculpted by ancient tool.

But one day - December 14, 1825 - Academy of Fine Arts in the window flew buckshot. At the Senate Square shot at the rebels. Acute pain echoed events of December 14 in the hearts of young artists, drawing ideas from the ideals of antiquity to the imperfections of reality. miles long Russian people will junk masters, and lyudyami as cattle, long miles will trade? - with bitterness and pain inquired Decembrists Ryleev, Bestujev .

One of the two travelers, Gregory Lapchenko, and was a serf, a man who could be as cattle and sell. Serfs, as a rule, the Academy did not accept. The authorities noticed that when the sense of beauty strengthened in bonded souls with such pain they perceived their servile position that went crazy and put on his own hand.

But Gregory Lapchenko was masterful, rich and arrogant owner - Count MS Vorontsov . Earl wanted to have some of the artist, and he achieved that Gregory, in spite of all the restrictions, the academy accepted. And then he sent the talented serf to improve in Italy.

Multinational colony of artists living in Rome. They ate in the pub-Oster, visited museums, argued about their own pictures, with a professional passion sitters and tried to discover the beautiful nudes. Attitude to the beauty of the young Russian was in a special grave. First of all, beauty is not fun, and the dignity of man. The beauty is released, any person has the right to ... And fate had given them a meeting with the "Woman of Albano," of whose beauty was legendary.

She was thirteen years old when the accident at the well, saw her one artist. It was like a dream come to life as a miracle, a dream that night. When her huge brown eyes spotted a man frozen in amazement, the girl immediately disappeared. But managed to find out the name - Caldogno Vittoria, daughter of a poor winemaker. With difficulty persuaded parents to allow her daughter to pose. But they demanded that the secret of his admiration for the artists and not spoil her with praise.
Vittoria became famous, it drew and sculpted the greatest artists of the world. Her portrait of the old man sent Goethe. 

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