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Lev Lagorio Yusupov (1826-1905)

Russia often became the second and, if I may say so, the main home for many foreigners. At the same time there have been a mass migration in Russia (for example, the Germans under Catherine II), and the individual techniques of Russian citizenship, so typical of foreigners related to science, art, technology (why not a transfer of brains?).

It was such a citizen of Russia, taking her citizenship, was the son of the Neapolitan vice-consul Lagorio, Lev Feliksovich now. And when you consider that with artistic talent, he was born in Feodosia, it is not surprising that he became a landscape painter, marine painter, although gladly wrote and portraits of famous people.

Naturally, the first LF Lagorio graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, where he studied from 1843 to 1850 at the renowned faculty of painting , MN Vorobyov and BP Villevalde . Adopting in 1852 the Russian citizenship, went after graduating from the Academy in the pensioner's trip to Europe. Lived and worked in France, Italy, Switzerland and Holland. By presenting the paintings, "reports" for its pensionerstvo, L.Lagorio became professor at the Academy of Fine Arts.

From his place of residence - St. Petersburg - makes numerous trips to southern Russia, in Finland, Norway and Turkey. Lev Lagorio favorite theme was the sea coast, combines a variety of sea states and the shore area adjacent to the sea.

Like many Russian artists, participated as a correspondent in the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878. His impressions expressed in paintings depicting scenes of tragico-drama event for any artist. Toward the end of his life (1900), LF Lagorio was elected an honorary member of the Academy of Fine Arts - a peculiar sign of a worthy contribution to Russian art.

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