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Krylov Nicephoros Stepanovich (1802-1831)

Nikifora Stepanovich Krylov, who was born in the city on the Volga Kalyazine and worked in his youth wandering the gang painters, painting in one of the churches in the Tver province spotted a Russian painter and teacher of young talent AG Venetsianov , "I said between painters-one workers, who wrote boldly other was younger than the others." For several years Venetsianov sought to persuade the teeth on hand to painting portraits of churches and writing Krylov move to St. Petersburg to study (there were the young painter and "serious" compositions in one of the monasteries in the province of Tver - "Healing the paralytic hands and feet landlord Kuminova, punished dumbness for reckless yazykoslovie ").

 With the beginning of autumn 1825 Krylov of the "Masters" went to students working under the guidance of Venetsianov and attending full-scale class of the Academy of Fine Arts. In addition to numerous, small in size and on their way to sell works of an artist paints a most interesting fabric - "Russian Winter", in which he tried to solve the problem of the image of snow in the landscape. (Remember KP Briullov , who two decades later claimed that all can be represented in the landscape, but snow, "as it may write the winter, and all will come up spilled milk." This is to ensure that the artists wrote while almost one summer landscapes, often to the same Italian.)

 In the last years of his life, NS Krylov has achieved great success in portraiture. "He focused on portraiture and featured thereof" - the opinion of AG Venetsianov. A painter died from cholera quite young, although considerable talent and great diligence was scheduled ahead of lasting recognition.

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