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Zhivago Simon Afanasevich (1807-1863)

Bureaucratic officials of the Academy of Fine Arts for some reason did not record the exact date of the birth of their first academic, and later professor of seeds Afanasevicha Zhivago, who was born according to different sources, either in 1805, or in 1807 or even in 1812. However, it is known that Zhivago was born in Ryazan, and that in 1827, according to a special imperial order was accepted to the Academy, where his principal mentor was AG Varnek. received two years of training in a small silver coin, S. Zhivago graduated from the Academy in 1832 with the rank of class artist.

In the following years (1833-1839) lived in Italy, where he worked hard: he wrote copies of paintings by famous artists and performed independent of the composition. It was for a copy of the canvas by Guido Reni "Madonna della Pieta" and for his original painting "Unbelief of St. Thomas' SA Zhivago received on his return to St. Petersburg academician title (1839). In 1842, for his work "The Epiphany of the Lord" ("Epiphany") painter awarded the title of professor. At about this time, religious themes, and more specifically the writing of images and compositions for cathedrals and churches became the main business of SA Zhivago - a great contribution he made to the painting of St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg, the Epiphany and the Spassky Monastery in Ryazan, churches Commercial School and the Church of the Assumption in Moscow. Occasionally an artist painting portraits and household composition, marked by high performance skills. His talent and hard work of SA Zhivago demonstrated throughout life.

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